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Unlock Your Data Potential

Empower Your Business with Dashy Software.

- drive ROI by using multi-channel reporting
- Account for every advertising dollar
- Optimise ROAS across PPC platforms
- Over 350 cross-channel data templates

Combine SEM, PPC, sales and drive ROI

Combine SEO, Paid Advertising, Social and Sales data to optimize Marketing Performance for more Clicks, more Leads and Conversions. We will collect data continuously and present insights for you to make right decisions quickly.

See the Big Picture — Tell a Good Story

Gather all information across your multi-channel SEO, PPC, Sales and Marketing platforms.
Add executive summaries to reports or dashboards shared in client portals or hosted on your website. All 100% white label.

No-code Marketing and Ecommerce Analytics

Use your cloud data to increase revenue, optimize online advertising, convert and retain customers.

Marketing data analytics

Use Dashy to build analytics reports, track keyword ranking, create client portals, optimize ad spend and increase revenue through customer engagement.

Customer and product analytics for E-commerce

Custom reports covering website visits, sales, lead generation, abandoned carts analysis, order, customer and product insights.

Customer segmentation

Segment your products and customers for advanced E-commerce analytics and reporting

Paid advertising analytics

Connect to any supported paid advertising platform and Google Analytics accounts. Create custom metrics and dimensions across all your marketing channels.

Boost sales with B2B lead generation

Embed SEO Audit forms, capture website visitors" company details. Export leads for your end customers. Create new revenue streams for your marketing agency.

Automated data trend detection

Dashy will constantly monitor data changes for you. We use Open AI, ChatGPT and Dashy machine learning algorithms will automatically capture data insights and send regular updates via Slack or by Email.


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